Different display solutions, productions for many synchronised screens, 3D/projection mapping. Production with combinations of screens, displays and LED.


We handle project management, filming, 3D-animation, editing and sound.

About Eyebrite

Production of information films and audio visual experiences shown at exhibitions, events, buildings, the web and in showrooms.

Facade projections

Eyebrite have until now produced 21 facade projections on buildings in a number of cities. We have created the projections for amazing shows. The building changes

shape surprisingly, artist and fairytale figures appears.



3D-Mapping / Projection mapping projections on 3D-printed and specially shaped objects.

Eyebrite creates the content and with partners we also produce the objects. 3D-Mapping can of course also be

done on existing objects.


We build 3D-models of the buildings that is the base in the production.  The images can be mapped outside on the walls and there can be openings and the show can continue inside the building.

Films for showrooms

Stationary films and audio visual shows for groups of visitors where

information became experiences. In a short space of time,

visitors can get information about a company or a place.

In showrooms with limited ceiling height it is possible to enlarge the size of the display horizontally. Good sound quality makes the images look even better.


At the touch of a button you can choose which language version to show. Use the same equipment for different

shows and speaker support.


Eyebrite makes 3D-Visualisations of products and buildings. Animations where products are taken apart. We also produce 3D-graphics and animations in combination with live action film.

We work with a combination of 2D- och 3D-software.


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